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ThermaWallPlus® Accessories

BuilditEco is proud to be the exclusive WA distributor for ThermaWallPlus®, but we don’t believe in simply supplying and installing this excellent building product. To make the most of this wall panel system, we carry an impressive inventory of decorative and functional accessories, all of which are included with every wall installation and available at fair prices.


To improve your new wall’s appearance and weather resistance, BuilditEco endorses the use of RenderWall™, a product by Dulux. This pre-packaged render is highly adhesive and can be used for a number of applications in the home or the office.

For more information, we offer technical data and safety data sheets for RenderWall, direct from the manufacturer Dulux Australia.

Screws & Fasteners

Put your trust in Tox, an international brand that offers precision engineering in its screws and fasteners. Available in multiple sizes and diameters, Tox-brand screws keep the ThermaWallPlus® panel secured to the building’s steel framework, while their brand of fasteners make it easier for customers to hang items on their new wall, from picture frames to memorabilia.

For more information, we offer technical data for both the A-ISOL and DD MV series of screws and fasteners.

Damp Proofing

BuilditEco is pleased to offer REX™ Wrap, a tear-resistant polypropylene damp barrier from AlphaProTech that ensures superior air and moisture protection. Its micro-perforated surface allows moisture vapour to pass through your walls while blocking out condensation and leaks.

Oranex Washers

Oranex washers are specially designed to be used alongside the ThermaWallPlus® system. They protect your wall panels by providing an extra secure grip that will last a lifetime.

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